Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite… Spot an Infestation with These 5 Clever Tips

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It’s summer, Indianapolis, and it’s time to travel!

As the weather warms and the days grow longer, we begin to plan our perfect vacations. Pick your poison—perhaps you prefer an island getaway somewhere in the Pacific, or maybe you enjoy trekking through the mountains in Colorado. Wherever your dream destination lies, we all share one common travel planning issue—finding the right place to stay.

After countless website searches, numerous reviews taken into account, and various prices compared, you found the perfect hotel. You have your ticket, your booking, and your suitcase packed—now all you have to do is catch your flight… Finally, time for relaxation and fun.

The Hotel Gave Me What?!

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After a long, uncomfortable flight and a seemingly endless taxi ride, you have finally arrived at your hotel. You lug your suitcases to your room and throw them on your bed as you sink into the plush, white bedspread. After hours of traveling, a nap is well deserved.

After a week of pure enjoyment, it’s back to reality. You smile as you inspect your sunburn in the mirror, and that’s when you see it—tiny red bumps. You try your best to brush off the problem, but that’s when the itching begins… Could your hotel have given you more than what you bargained for—could they have given you bed bugs?

At AAA Exterminating, a pest control company in Indianapolis, we hear similar stories like the one above all the time. Protect yourself the next time you travel with our simple tips at spotting a bed bug infestation.

Look for Red Stains

When you first arrive at a hotel, look for bed bug residue. Spotting bed bug excrement on furniture like couches and beds is an excellent way to tell if a bed bug infestation is underway. Excrement will appear as tiny, dark dots, and they tend to bleed on fabric, much like a pen would. You should also be on the lookout for red stains. Red stains are an indication of crushed bed bugs.

Bed Bug Exoskeletons

As a bed bug matures, it goes through several phases of skin molting. They tend to leave their molted exoskeletons behind, (often on beds) which appear as light yellow shells that measure about 1 mm in length.

Check Bed Bug Hiding Spots

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Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in closets, mattresses, and couches. To inspect a bed, carefully examine the mattress and box spring. Bed bugs like to hide in the seams and corners. You will see red stains, shed exoskeletons, and bed bugs themselves.

Bed bugs also hide in furniture—especially anything with plush upholstery. Inspect chairs, curtains, and couches. Carefully look between cushions and inspect seams. Bed bugs also hide in clothing, so closely check your shirts and pants and consider washing them before you return home.

Other common places where bed bugs hide include: wall and ceiling junctions, drawers, near electrical outlets, wallpaper, and in headboards.

What’s That Smell?

Like many other pests, bed bugs radiate their own unique smell. A bed bug unleashes pheromones, which are secreted chemicals that allow them to communicate with one another. Pheromones often smell strong and musty—which can be a lingering, persistent odor. If you have noticed this smell, it is often encouraged to look for bed bugs.

Painful Bites   

In order to grow and thrive, bed bugs feed on humans and other animals. If you discover welts on your arms and legs, typically small, red, and clustered in bunches, you likely have a bedbug infestation. Bed bug bites can also be extremely itchy, which can lead to pain and irritation.

So What Now?

If you did bring bed bugs home with you from a vacation, they can be difficult to get rid of, but don’t panic yet. Many people try household remedies like washing their bed sheets, disposing of infested furniture, and buying pesticides themselves.

Though these at-home fixes may provide temporary solutions, an expert exterminator should be contacted to thoroughly dispose of the problem. So who can you trust?

Trust AAA Exterminating, an Established Pest Control Company in Indianapolis

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By hiring an experienced, trusted exterminator, you can ensure that your bed bug problem is properly handled—while using safe practices.

At AAA Exterminating, we use a thermal remediation method to rid your home of bed bugs. This method uses extreme heat to kill bed bugs, because they can’t survive in temperatures of more than 125 degrees. This process is also environmentally friendly, because it does not involve the use of corrosive, dangerous chemicals—perfect for a household with children and pets.

As a recent winner of the 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award, AAA Exterminating is dedicated to providing exceptional exterminating services with prices and professionalism that can’t be beat!

For more information on handling your bed bug infestation or other pest problems, visit AAA Exterminating!