Pest Control in Indianapolis: Surviving the Winter

As we all know, the Midwest is merciless when it comes to the winter season. Between below freezing temperatures and snow gusts that threaten our faces with frostbite, we rarely find ourselves outdoors. The fact that we are struggling to keep warm throughout the winter months can only cause one to wonder how pests stay alive, let alone warm! Thanks to each species’ natural inclination to do all in their power to thrive through the winter, these vermin have crafted their own set of survival methods. Even though some do perish, others migrate or even hibernate.

Calling it a Day…Or Season

Ever just wish you could curl up and sleep away the winter? Well, there are some species that actually do that! Pests can go into a dormant state, called diapause. This enables them to endure through the season without having to venture out to find food. They need few nutrients to survive because the process of diapause slows down their metabolism. Only when the weather begins to warm do they wake from their slumber to seek out food.

Some pests are able to withstand the cold, no matter how frigid. This is all thanks to a natural anti-freeze the organisms can create. Not all pests are blessed with this capability. In these cases, we see pests creep into crevicesavoid centipedes in your home this winter and cracks to endure the knee-knocking temperatures.

Not Everyone Survives

As is expected, especially in our climate, many pests die during the bitter cold season. Even though this may seem like a quick lifespan to us, they have achieved their goal. By the time winter rolls around, the pests already had their offspring and completed their role in the circle of life. Despite their short lives, they ensure that their offspring are in areas where they have resources and shelter necessary for survival. Whether it is under a log or in the nooks and crannies of your home, they will resort to extremes to ensure they carry out their pest duties. Pest control in Indianapolis can assist in ensuring that these vermin don’t take shelter and reproduce in your home! Their offspring may survive the winter as larvae, thriving off resources in their vicinity. They may also endure through the winter in egg form, waiting until temperatures warm up before they come out into the world.

pest control in indianapolis exclude butterflies

Departing for Warmer Weather

Other pests do precisely what many of us wish we ourselves could do! They head for warmer weather and away from the bitter cold. This is common amongst butterflies, moths, beetles, and crop pests. Some of these pests relocate to these balmy temperatures to reproduce and then perish in this location. The next generation will return to the former area and carry on the cycle. This may sound like quite a journey; however, distance varies depending on the species of the pest.

Planning Ahead

It’s always best to prepare yourself for an issue before it becomes a reality. Our pest control in Indianapolis can help you do exactly this as unwelcome visitors become more frequent. Whether they are alive and roaming your home or preparing to burrow away behind bookshelves and couches, your pest problem does not have to persist throughout the winter days. Ensure your cozy evenings aren’t interrupted. Give us a call at (317) 773-3797.