Indianapolis Pest Control Prevention Tips

There is nothing that ruins your day more than finding critters in your house. It is unpleasant thinking about where else these creatures may be hiding. Not only are insects bothersome, but they can also transfer a multitude of diseases. Fortunately, there are precautionary steps and pest control prevention tips you can use to keep insects where they belong – outside. We have outlined several helpful home tips for pest control in Indianapolis, IN.

Seal Cracks and Make Repairs

Your first line of defense against unwanted pests is to seal any cracks and entrances. Termites, cockroaches, and other pests may crawl into your house through vents or holes in the walls. Another great preventive measure is to repair and replace any torn windows to decrease the chance of having a pest infestation. We also recommended that you check your drains since bugs like mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. Our specialized exterminators are dedicated to eliminating irritating mosquitoes from your home.  To learn about this process and the preventive solutions we use, you can visit our mosquito control page!

Clean Your Kitchen

A dirty kitchen is a breeding ground for ants and other pests who forage the floor for left behind crumbs. To avoid this, clean your kitchen regularly, wipe down counters, and take out the trash. Pests may be attracted to fruits and vegetables, so be sure to dispose of any decaying produce daily. Helpful tip: When discarding old produce, dump it into a grocery bag and tie it off before placing it in the trash. After dinner, be sure to store uneaten food into Tupperware or sealed containers and place them in the refrigerator. Â

Remove Clutter

Most insects prefer untidy spaces because they like to breed in dark areas. Pests can easily hide behind old papers. Getting rid of clutter by removing and throwing away old items that you do not need can improve pest control.   Sweeping away cobwebs is a great option to eliminate spiders that may appear in the basement or window stills. Pest control in Indianapolis, IN is our specialty! We will diligently inspect the premise for any insects and use treatment plans to decrease the spider population for your home significantly. If you need more storage space, place your belongings into boxes and then set them on a shelf to stop moisture from seeping through the bottom. You can even store your cleaning supplies into a caddie to make it easier to take with you when you need to clean or inspect areas where critters have been spotted.

Do Pest Control Inspections When Outside

It can be easy for insects like fleas to cling onto your pet’s fur, so do a thorough examination of your pet before bringing your pet back inside. You can also apply this practice to items and other objects that are brought back into the house from the outside as well. If you notice any unusual plants and flowers growing, try to minimize their presence because different types of plants and flowers can attract a variety of pests. Tree branches, shrubs, and mulch close to the house can become a nuisance as it provides an ideal habitat for insects. Some insects like dark, damp areas, so make sure to rake mulch and leaves to keep away dampness.

Contact AAA Exterminating Inc.

You need a qualified team to provide you with pest control in Indianapolis, IN. Here at AAA Exterminating Inc., our staff enjoys using the latest technology to eliminate the most extreme pest issue. If you notice one pest, there is bound to be more. We will first assess the type of infestation before applying a treatment plan that will not only eliminate the unwanted bugs but will also be safe to use for your home.  Since we are a family-owned business, we are in close contact with our employees and you, meaning that we can quickly handle any requests while offering the best quality service.

We believe these pests should never enter the house. These unwanted invasions are not only annoying but can also jeopardize your well-being and health, which is why our strategies can help prevent you from facing any potential threats. However, if you believe that your home is currently exposed to pests, contact (317) 773-3797, and one of our pest control specialists can inspect the area, identify the issue, and wipe those pests out!