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Termite Colony Elimination System

For homeowners and business owners, one of the biggest threats to their peace of mind and their investment, their homes and premises, are termites. Every spring termite colonies swarm. A problem that often prevents early detection is that they penetrate wood such as beams, and consume it from the inside out. Generally, when the first signs of damage are visible, considerable damage has already been done.

AAA Exterminating’s Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active™ technology not only does away with termites much more efficiently than previous methods, however, it is much less invasive to your home or business, as well as to your landscaping. The only part of the Monitor/Treatment unit that can be seen above ground is the cap, and it closely resembles the heads of an underground sprinkler system. The same unit is used to detect the presence of termites and treat them once discovered.

checkboxRecruit® HD termite bait in every station

checkboxAlways in the ground and immediately available for termites.

The Sentricon System:

  • Uses Always Active technology for continuous protection
  • Can eliminate termites before they damage the structure
  • No drilling to the structure required
  • Eliminates entire termite colony.

Learn about Sentricon:

What is the Sentricon System?
Why the Sentricon System?
What makes it Environmentally Responsible?

Water Wells
Slab Houses
Radiant Heat
Hot Air Ducts
Crawl Spaces
Cinder Blocks
High Water Table
Ceramic Floor Tile
Wood Floor on Slab

These types of construction and locations pose no barrier for AAA Exterminating and our treatments. Termites damage and destroy significant amounts of personal property annually. Protect your biggest investments, your home and your family. For the best termite control in Indianapolis, contact us to make an appointment by calling 1 (888) 860-5474 today!


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Contact us to make an appointment by calling 1 (888) 860-5474 today!