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Flea Control in Greater Indianapolis Area

AAA Exterminating possesses the tools and expertise needed to rid your residential or commercial property of irritating fleas. Let our trained team members protect your home or business from the health risks presented when a flea infestation occurs. We’ll keep your family, friends, and employees safe from flea infestations. AAA Exterminating offers accurate, successful flea control for your home or business.

Flea Exterminator

Fleas are small and wingless with a body that reaches 2.5 mm at the longest. These insects are parasitic and feed by drawing blood from a host animal. Fleas generally choose to feed on animals with a lot of fur, like cats, dogs, mice, etc. Though fleas aren’t winged, they can leap across large distances to travel between hosts.

Consult with an experienced flea exterminator about creating a strategic flea control plan in your home or business. The AAA Exterminating team can locate the source of your flea infestation and thoroughly eliminate all remaining traces of fleas on or near your home or business.

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