Bee Removal

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Many who renovate older homes are astonished to discover old, inactive but very large beehives in the walls, along soffits, in chimneys, in attics and crawl spaces, and around window cavities when they remove shingles and walls. It is a fact bees colonize and beehives can grow to very large proportions over the years. Often the first sign of a bee infestation is a swarm of bees that seem to linger outside a window, or by the roof’s apex. Sometimes in the Spring, homeowners are startled to hear a hum or a buzzing sound coming from behind an interior wall. If you notice any of these signs, please contact AAA Exterminating as soon as possible. We offer bee removal services and will do everything we can not to disrupt your family as we rid your home of your unwanted ‘tenants.’

First it is important to differentiate removal procedures. It is the stuff of urban legend that bees are protected by government regulations. Also, that beekeepers are more than willing to come to a residence and remove a hive. Not so! A more important concern is that bees will aggressively protect their nest, which could mean an increased danger of bee stings for you and your family. While a very small percentage of persons are actually allergic to bee stings, those who are should take every necessary precaution until the hive has been eradicated.

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